The Yellow Fever Epidemic in New Orleans - 1853 (Page 6)

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Partial List of Interments in Lafayette Cemetery from May to Sept., 1853 with links to burial location. Note: these represent only burial property owners in Lafayette Cemetery at the time of the epidemic and also only ones with physical markings as of the 1997-98 survey. Posted by Fred Hatfield

3)336-337 Jones, Roselie 3-Aug-1844  3-May-1853
4)111 Rawlins, James Warren 6-May-1853    3
4)280 Brown, Catherine 7-Jul-1853   16
4)280 Brown, Theresa 23-Jul-1853   10
4)168 Spitzfaden, Heinrich Theodor 22-Jul-1854 24-Jul-1853
3)200 Earhart, St. Clair 27-Jul-1853    2
4)280  Brown, August 5-Aug-1853   36
1)156 Ostoff(Dietz), Carolina 25-Mar-1791  5-Aug-1853
4)c51 VanBenthuysen Sr., Watson                   8-Aug-1853
2)207 Crouch, John G. 9-Sep-1822  9-Aug-1853
1)100 Blake, Anna Bessac 21-May-1851 13-Aug-1853
1)wv216 Huhner, Johannes 23-Mar-1821 16-Aug-1853
4)113 Lulu 30-Dec-1849 17-Aug-1853
4)015 Van Horn, William H. 18-Aug-1853   21
1)wv243 Boneman, John 1-Jan-1813 21-Aug-1853
2)218 Font, Rasalie V. 24-Jul-1852 25-Aug-1853
1)296 Friou, Edwin Augustus 23-Oct-1835 25-Aug-1853
1)335 Hooper, Helen Malvina 23-Feb-1817 26-Aug-1853
4)111 Rawlins, Louis Bernard 2-Sep-1853    2
1)135-136 Watkins, Gertrude E.  3-Feb-1850  2-Sep-1853
1)wv244 Charles, Henry 3-Sep-1853   26  G
1)135-136 Watkins, Gertrude E. 3-Feb-1850  3-Sep-1853
3)336-337 Jones, Catherine 2-Sep-1853  7-Sep-1853
3)234 Shine, Mary Ann 22-Sep-1853   18
3)255 Cressey, James 23-Sep-1853   67